Family is the rhythm of life where government is to serve and protect Family, not Tyranny!

Disclosure> Symbols Time and Profit are false abstract patterns that don’t exist anywhere natural, deceptive definitive codes that must be disclosed first if under the enforcement to then verify the guide as Men/Woman of the Truth. My illuminated Soul is not blind and bound under the above.

5-29-2019 within the artificial construct.

Language is a limited abstract view of thought projected outwards into an abstract equation using the false abstract patterns of letters numbers symbols geometry math science time and profit that possesses the consciousness inside of a false image where this false image is then manifested into reality as the artificial construct of Time. This Artificial Construct is the false pattern with false substance commerce game of war for profit that forms straight lines and angles of inactive life by absorbing and destroying the true patterns with true substance of Nature that forms wavy lines and circles of active life. This then forms degrading affects on the conscious intuitive development from the false abstract patterns not being fully disclosed as a limited abstract view of the Intuitive thought that is connected to the resonance frequency of this planet and Universe. Degradation of species is lack of intuitive conscious growth from separating and or becoming severed from the circadian conscious rhythm of Nature and Universe. The artificial invention is not to absorb and or destroy all life by the government enforcing and indoctrinating these false abstract patterns to everyone without full disclosure. The invention if it must exist by the people’s choosing should be to serve and protect all life where the false abstract pattern codes are for the internal and external operations of the artificial invention and or machines and absolutely not to be used to enslave the people! Any and all use of these false abstract patterns to enslave the people by enforcing upon the people without full disclosure first is Fraud at it’s highest charge, for the invasion of consciousness breaks every divine law of Creation! This is the cause for the degradation of species and or global extinction where the affects if not rectified immediately would be the last affect to ever happen! The creator of the Soul doesn’t send the Soul into reality to be sacrificed and or murdered, for that contradicts the entire process of being birthed into reality to live in true love.  ~Christian Holm (Title given for the artificial construct representing my illuminated Soul in this present life)

Common Defense Mechanisms

Depression Divided From Rythym Nature

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Who Examins The Psychiatrist

National Security Threat Of The Family





Junk DNA Equals Evidence Of Degradation Of Species Devolution

Before The Fraud Of The Birth Certificate Comes The Thought

Deception Of The Symbols Virus

The False Ego Disease

The False Ego Effect That Destroys The Activated Soul

FBI Chief Exposes Satanists In Government

We are victims of narcissistic abuse, and the corrupt “powers” of the Child Protective Services system as well as the judicial system as a whole. We are a clear example of one of the many families being abused by tactics of agencies put into place to commit fraud on the people. Constitutional violations, state law violations, federal law violations against our family by CPS, multiple state judges, multiple police officers, sheriffs department, attorney general’s office, court clerks, mayors, State Park employees and residents in and around Heflin, Alabama.






This page is dedicated to documenting our experiences in this nightmare and exposing WITH clear evidence gathered over 8 months (since the day our baby was kidnapped on October 11, 2016, 33 hours after he was born at Regional Medical Center in Anniston, Alabama), the tactics used to separate our family.This is not a joke. This is not made up. This is not fantasyland. This is CHILD TRAFFICKING committed by public officials for purposes of financial gain, social engineering and even worse.This is a page of documentation of every official we have been to, and of audios, documents and videos to show the facts of the laws that have been broken against us and the abuse our family has endured. For every official who told us when they kidnapped our baby “We are just doing our job”, there is an official who we have gone to for help who tells us, “there is nothing I can do”, as they don’t do their jobs. The system of government that is in place today is surely backwards. Stealing kids for cash, while plundering the less fortunate and no longer helping the people.This is a family’s plea for help. A family’s plea for relief. A family’s plea to help save their innocent baby from being lost in the system of child trafficking.






















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