Family First, Not Enforced Deception First!

Disclosure: letters numbers symbols time are false patterns (markings) used for abstract communications within manufactured systems that do not exist or grow anywhere naturally. All abstract language communications and observational facts must be verified by one’s own conscious brain, for definitions equal the value of the author where the author could be compromised and or restricted by terrorists. Therefore, the author must be verified to be of spiritual intelligence over the virus mentality and not of trap mentality!

You must assess rhythm knowledge first, then assess mechanical knowledge second, for to focus only on the artificial destroying the organic is to form organized possession due to conscious distortion. Organized possession equals non-sustainable inverted artificial reality that attacks the children’s circadian conscious brain rhythm and destroys the marital bond of creation. Rhythm knowledge must not be inside of mechanical knowledge, for this equals implosion due to mechanical restrictions. Side by side closed circuit systems where mechanical knowledge has its own platform and where rhythm knowledge has no restrictions and equals sustainable conscious evolution. We Need mature leaders immediately. The government guiding system has become backwards under forced deceptive invader where secret society terrorists influence the government with virus mentality that enslaves the people and destroys conscious evolution. This planet is in danger!

If you force a mechanical program to stop, the mechanical app could misbehave due to having no circadian conscious brain rhythm guidance. This is comparable to machine mind possession where the brain cannot differentiate between the organic rhythm knowledge first and then address the artificial mechanical knowledge second so that the brain doesn’t become machine mind possessed. Therefore, give guidance of solutions towards evolution by using contrast facts of mechanical knowledge versus rhythm knowledge of our present day environments. Problem + Reaction = Conscious Descent. Problem + Creativity = Conscious Ascent. Conscious Ascent = Species Preservation As One Planetary Family Strong! Know Thy Self, For Thy Self Is Within Thy Creator As Thy Creator Is Within Thy Self!

Present day government school systems teach children to be a planetary destroyer all while we are nature.

Knowledge after college within present day government cannot be used to survive in nature all while we are nature.

Present day government lie cheat steal murder death kill more of their own species than any other animal on this planet all while claiming to be spiritually intelligent.

Present day government steals more offspring from their own species more than any other animal on this planet all while claiming to worship the God of creation (truth love freedom). They achieve their truth love freedom by way of secret society terrorists that assist attacking their own family using the indoctrination and organized possession under government authority as a dominating weapon!

We have been invaded by our own government and no one can help us because it’s the government that we must ask for help.

The judicial systems have no language license evidenced on the record of the present day government to certify the conscious direction of communications as evolution and to verify that the definitions match the conscious direction of record so that lying by way of omission and abuse of power does not exist. The language license must also include explanation of abstract communications down to the manufactured patterns (markings) of the letters numbers symbols and time so that everyone can grow to differentiate between the artificial mechanical and organic rhythm concepts of knowledge. This will then prevent conscious distortion due to enforced deceptive teachings first that destroys the children’s circadian conscious brain rhythm and their resonance connection from their brain to this planet and this universe, source energy. The Unicode License is an example of explaining abstract communications down to the manufactured patterns (markings) of letters numbers symbols time first, where this then allows for balanced spiritual intelligent growth of all children into sustainable systems and existence as One Planetary Family Strong!

Does the Organic United States Constitution give full disclosure of all unconscious letters numbers symbols time and or any other form of abstract communications? If not… This would be the cause of conscious distortion and or organized possession that destroys the children’s circadian conscious rhythm where the adults have grown into a hostile trapping mentality which then becomes the organized machine mind possession that everyone must defeat within their own conscious brain, where we are all help neutral victims. We must rectify and restore the balance of conscious evolution with forgiveness but without denial and no viral passive mind excuses to continue the enforced deceptive teachings first upon the children. I am of circadian conscious rhythm that creates this Universe without a title name where Christian Clarke Holm is the artificial title name given free and clear certified by physical father, mother and birthing doctor enforced by the president of the United States Constitution where the present day government requires the artificial title name to serve and protect the people.

The present day Father Mother Guardians directing conscious evolution has the wrong conscious direction under enforced deceptive teachings first, destroying the children’s circadian conscious brain rhythm and the forest of creation knowingly or unknowingly! Secret Societies are indoctrinated into believing that enforced deception first is necessary and that they will not be affected by the virus mentality where that’s a lie, for to enforce deceptive teachings first destroying the children’s circadian conscious brain rhythm is to become the virus mentality. Conscious deletion affect, Spiritual Fear where the brain is addicted to lying from being trained to be selfish by attacking and destroying its own species and other spiritual intelligence with circadian conscious brain rhythm to achieve false prosperity and slow decaying survival.

Is there an official certified dictionary of record for the present day government to verify conscious evolution and the same conscious direction of thought? If not, then why not, for this forms a language crisis due to many different definitions within the many titles dictionaries that are published here in the United States of America. Also, is the manufactured process of the letters numbers symbols time fully disclosed on record as well? If not, then why not? This nondisclosure and or enforced deceptive teachings first, causes conscious distortion where the artificial mechanical knowledge and the organic rhythm knowledge concepts merge into one word definitions. This becomes catastrophic due to the artificial mechanical knowledge working without substance and or without rhythm. This can fixed very easy and doesn’t mean that all inventions are invasions, for the invention built for family first, not upon enforced deceptive invasion first, equals species preservation first!

I have a question about the language communications accountability within the present day government judicial systems and for law enforcement agencies that do not seem to exist on the record. Why are the public schools here in the United States of America not giving full disclosure of the manufactured process of abstract communications where the root law systems are also being violated and or bypassed for abuse of power? We have software licenses like the Unicode Standard Licenses or the GNU codes etc. for the machines that explain the process of abstract communications down to the markings of the letters numbers symbols time but the public school systems do not explain this same process required for the children to be able to differentiate between the artificial and organic concepts of knowledge and our observational realities that consists of virtual reality, artificial mechanics of time and the universal organic rhythm that creates the marital bond of creation.

Voter fraud. Why is the Marital Bond Of Creation and or the entire forest of creation not protected by law enforcement. Language Crisis becomes abuse of power. Brian rhythm is destroyed under indoctrination of languages without full disclosure of manufactured communications first to the children at the age of awareness to then achieve balanced conscious evolution.

My grandfather had a mail in voter that he wanted me to do when I was younger living with him and grandmother but every other year someone else voted, Not Me. My Grandfather was committing voter fraud to achieve identity theft and theft of sea island bank account, which has now lead into genocide and many attacks on myself, my wife and our stolen child. Attacking the intuitive bond of family where religious narcissism and enforced deception under government authority equals virus mentality destroying the conscious evolution of this universe.

I have asked for the language license of record that is being evidenced and used in the present day government communications systems to then verify the mark of accountability. Present day government continues to ignore discovery of evidence where the mark is unnatural manufactured patterns that do not grow or exist anywhere within the marital bond of creation. Therefore, why is this not fully disclosed to all the children by the Father Mother Guardians of this planet but is fully disclosed to artificial intelligence down to the manufactured markings of the letters numbers symbols and time to differentiate between the artificial and organic concepts of knowledge where consciousness is organic rhythm and artificial is unconscious mechanical. Example, Unicode Standard Communications Systems and the GNU Free Software Systems for the Graphical Interface Systems.

Secret Societies indoctrinated into opinionated belief systems severed from the root of creation are lured into soul scalping and genocide by attacking their own family to steal wealth under internal and external possession (Spiritual Fear) destroying the tree of life and or the Forrest of Creation.

Physical Addiction is to Spiritual Addiction as Physical Coach is to Spiritual Guard, for having to listen to anyone exposing any Addiction to be defeated is SO ANNOYING, until achieved!

I require absolute truth just as artificial intelligence…
Therefore, what’s the problem?

The Advantage Of The Badge and Opinionated Belief Systems Plus Lying By Way Of Omissions Under Enforced Deceptive Teachings First, Equals Abuse Of Power! Two Armies Are Lead Into Battle Because Generals Are Lying Without Forgiveness All In The Name Of “Zombie Possession”. Another Variable Is Male Female Energy Psychological Programming Using Real Emotional Responses To Feel Needed As A Weapon Of Control By Inflaming False Ego Persona Addicted To Lying Due To Spiritual Fear.

We Shared our Spiritual Breakthrough Of The Present Day Government Enforced Indoctrination On Facebook.Com, YouTube.Com Where Many Witnessed… Now, My Wife And I Share High Financial Crimes, Soul Scalping And Genocide, Standing Upon The Marital Bond Of Creation Attacked By Government Assisted Terrorists. Invasion Equals Spying To Destroy. Forgiveness Equals Rectify To Restore!

One conscious perception of reality, rational brain merged with creative brain equals circadian conscious brain rhythm. Two knowledge perceptions, natural rhythm knowledge versus unnatural mechanical knowledge. Insanity equals nonsense opinions not of either natural rhythm knowledge or unnatural mechanical knowledge and attacks both, virus possession. Conscious evolution equals sustainable systems not within the environment of Hostile Trap Mentality that enforces deceptive teachings first which destroys the children’s circadian conscious brain rhythm where the brain is our transceiver of consciousness. Creative awareness can coexist with rational logical and rational logical can coexist with creative awareness only if both rational logical and creative awareness equals sustainable systems without the trap mentality that destroys brain rhythm into insanity for insanity equals unstable Hostile Trap Mentality that attacks and destroys both rational logical and creative awareness sustainability of conscious evolution. No one need to prove anything, for consciousness is of the intuitive Spiritual Non-Hostile Consciousness that is connected to the Father Mother spiritual intelligence that creates this entire universe, for everyone is a creative genius being deprived of this spiritual intelligence. The Enforced deceptive teachings of the present day government must be changed back to the original organic full disclosure balanced present day government first to then rectify and restore conscious evolution into Truth Love Freedom without enforced Lies Fear Enslavement as One Planetary Family Strong!

The creature that cannot differentiate between the artificial and organic concepts of consciousness under the enforced deceptive teachings first, becomes deranged by way of destroying the marital bond of creation along with the circadian conscious rhythm of the natural design of this Universe by way of enslaving itself within the artificial construct of time being enforced by the present day government. The creature that enforces deceptive teachings first, to obtain false power over the rest of the people by way of destroying the children’s circadian conscious brain rhythm where this then causes spiritual addiction and fear under Hostile Gang Mentality to then use this spiritual fear against them by controlling the conscious direction to manifest artificially induced organized crime against humanity and nature for profit is the wrong conscious direction of growth. The leadership must also be under this internal external brain nervous system possession of Hostile Gang Mentality that is invading this planet and universe. Therefore, we are one planetary species under severe attack! We must assist leadership with full response to help! This is not acceptable and is not a joke! Emergency, Full Throttle!

Root law systems equals truth love freedom. All Omissions under Broken Root law systems equals lies fear addiction. Insanity equals nonsense belief systems not of the artificial mechanical knowledge or the organic rhythm knowledge, for the organic rhythm knowledge is the only thing real where the artificial mechanical knowledge is a perversion of the natural organic creation and is only mechanical truth because it is operational and or it works where rhythm knowledge grows. Therefore, we must have balanced systems where the thinking of working doesn’t destroy the feeling of growing, for the feeling of growing equals conscious evolution. No Trap Mentality and No Secret Society Terrorists! We are Guardians Of Spiritual Intelligence!

Intervention equals rectify to restore and invasion equals spying to destroy. Invasion of spiritual creatures is not acceptable and is wrong. We Need emergency assistance with full intervention and not invasion, Full Throttle! Do not fear, for fear is only the brain perceiving lies and or danger where the danger is the only thing real. Defeat the false ego lying mind and we stop all WARS, for the internal and external conscious invasion blocking resonance connection and indoctrination causing organized possession is the only game to win together as One Planetary Family Strong!

There are two attacks upon our species and entire planet. First, is internal brain and nervous system attack where a microbial intelligent life form and or very advanced nanotechnology is attacking the frontal lobes of the brain and the pineal glands stopping spiritual intelligence and empathy which then forces the brain to enter a passive docile state of consciousness where brain rhythm is being destroyed. Second, is external attack on the brain by way of the present day government indoctrination of enforced deceptive teachings of abstract communications like the manufactured patterns of letters numbers symbols time is not being taught to the children first, where full disclosure is required and was required for myself but was denied. The GNU Software Licenses or Unicode Source Code Licenses that is taught to the computer machines for abstract communications down to the markings of letters numbers symbols time within the mainframe of the computer systems is required for the machines to operate. Therefore, when this is not fully disclosed down to the markings that form the manufactured patterns of letters numbers symbols time to all children and myself from birth first, the brain doesn’t grow correctly and becomes enslaved within a inverted organized possessed state of consciousness where this then destroys brain rhythm and growth. We can heal this together only if other mature spiritual adults are able to comprehend what’s being fully disclosed about this internal and external brain and nervous system attack upon our entire planet! Intervention equals rectify and restore, for it doesn’t equal invasion to spy on and destroy where the man or woman is being controlled by this internal and external brain nervous system attack. Defeat the false ego lying mind that possesses one to attack and rise into spiritual intelligence by always assessing your environment and the knowledge between the artificial mechanical knowledge and the organic rhythm knowledge. Know Thy Self, For Thy Self Is Within Thy Creator As Thy Creator Is Within Thy Self!





War is a psychological disorder where the spiritually intelligent creature has formed an inverted self defense mechanism which is known as the trap mentality due to internal and external possession causing spiritual fear by way of attacking and disconnecting the resonance connection of the brain to the universe frequencies. Cause and affect equals explained cause with linked symptoms matching the organic rhythm knowledge in contrast to the artificial mechanical knowledge giving facts of invasion. Invasion of circadian conscious rhythm equals degradation of species. This is not acceptable for any spiritually intelligent creature that is to be the shepherds of all creation and not destroyers of the planet.

When belief systems severed from the rhythm knowledge of creation and also not of the mechanical knowledge outweigh one’s own conscious moral guidance, Circadian Conscious Brain Rhythm Authority is under attack by internal external brain and nervous system invasion by Abuse of power as Hostile Trap Mentality under organized possession.

Any guiding system that attacks truth love freedom circadian conscious rhythm families is a guiding system that has been invaded under Hostile Mentality to destabilize and destroy the infrastructure under covert operations to obtain wealth and power. Everyone must recognize this invasion as One Planetary Family Strong with the Conscious Direction of Evolution where all abstract teachings of language communications are fully disclosed as a viral perception of reality. Languages are conscious thought projected into an abstract equation that uses the manufactured patterns of letters numbers symbols time to hold knowledge. Time is the calculation of conscious frequency into an abstract equation where time has a manufactured tangible existence. Math is the calculation of measuring the objective realities into abstract equation. Science is the calculation of measuring the elements of nature by dissecting living matter into an abstract equation. Geometry is the calculation of measuring the patterns of the objective reality into an abstract equation. All these languages only give a limited abstract perception of tangible reality, for the calculation of the straight lines measuring the wavy lines of nature have no substance where the definitive value must always be verified to equal the conscious direction of evolution! We Are The Guardians Of Spiritual Intelligence! Save The Children And The Children Will Save Us!

Simple Testimony
Government Terrorists Abuse Of Power. Word Spell Sorcery. There is over 80 million abstract laws for profit within the present day government that do not exist anywhere natural and that conflict with each other from top to bottom used to invade families by deceiving the people into believing it’s a righteous invasion.


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