Cherokee County United States Georgia False Arrest Recordings.


Cherokee County Georgia Hickory Flat Library, Illegal Search And Seizure, Christian Clarke Holm Falsely Arrested And Taken To Unregistered Prison, 498 Chattin Drive Where Jailer Pushed False Narratives Into Other Inmates Brain For Organized Attack At Me Once Through Booking. They Forced Booking And They Got Photo Of Me Off The Internet. Attack From Inmates Didn’t Happen Due To Releasing Me After Holding Me Hostage For Week With Fraud Court Systems. Enforcement Is Voodoo Possessed Attacking The Forest Of Creation! False Ego Passive Lying Mind! We Need Psychiatrists To Diagnose The Enforced Deceptive Invasions For Government Employee Mental Status Check! Full Throttle!

Sheriff Deputy Harassing Wife At Library False Arrest. Already Had My Information In His Phone. Why?

498 Chattin Drive Canton Georgia, Unregistered Jail, Sheriff Reynolds Cherokee County Georgia. Broken Root Law States Assist With Spiritual Addiction To Lying. Family Invasions And Attacking Non-Deceptive Spiritually Intelligent Adults! Family First, Not Enforced Deception First! Enforcement Is Being Deceived To Attack Family.

Cherokee County Georgia Investigator. No Help.

 Wife Serves Cherokee County Georgia Sheriff Reynolds With Notice To Release, False Arrest.


The Cherokee County Georgia Government Didn’t Have A Registered Psychiatrists On Payroll For Employee Mental Status Check. Why Not?

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