Chatham County United States Georgia

Chatham County Georgia Sheriff Internal Affairs. 9-1-2020, Spoke with Internal Affairs Department where immediately as I walked in locked door entry I told them I need Investigator and they began to show signs of conscious possession when asking me to sign in the name with symbols given to me by my physical father/mother and recorded by the United States Georgia. They didn’t seem to understand that the name with symbols being enforced under deceptive teachings first is the cause for the false ego persona and denied to help but did direct me to Chatham County Police Station where I went to next and they did the same thing but directed me to the county manager with written words and numbers on a note.

This is the United States Georgia Certificate Of Live Birth that recorded my conscious birth from the non-physical into the physical reality where I am consciousness inside of my living organic body and the letters numbers symbols time are manufactured patterns markings used to record knowledge and Identification for abstract communications like right now as you read these manufactured patterns markings required for this invention.


This is another United States Georgia Identification given as certified fire arm licence.

This is a United States New Hampshire Identification along with marriage identification for government records to serve and protect family.

The present day government employees are under enforced deceptive teachings first, where they seem to believe that using the name with symbols/time within the mechanical knowledge of government means those individuals fall into their jurisdiction under enforced deception first because the present day government operates by enforced deception first, where the enforced deception of the name with symbols forms the false ego persona. This is due to the indoctrination from the government school systems not fully disclosing that letters numbers symbols time are manufactured patterns (markings) at an age where the child can differentiate between the organic rhythm knowledge first and then the artificial mechanical knowledge second, to then verify that one is not possessed inside the mechanical knowledge, for we are of  the rhythm knowledge. The mechanical knowledge possession becomes inverted self defense mechanisms and or the gang trap mentality due to loss of rhythm knowledge perception first, for rhythm is the only design that can sustain all life as conscious evolution!


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