The Beginning….

newborn in hospital .jpgOur son, after an entire night of separation from his mother and father, after being ripped off of his mother’s breast while feeding with 1.) no warrant 2.) no pick up order 3.) no injury 4.) no emergency 5.) no abuse 6.) no neglect. This picture was taken after he was assaulted when ripped away from his mother and during a 45-minute “visit” before being discharged from the hospital to go to a stranger’s home. This was after a night of sleeping alone in a crib, crying and unable to be near the 2 who love him more than anyone ever could. We noticed how alert he was upon being brought into the world and then the day after being stolen from us, he would not wake up because of how exhausted and traumatized he was from coming into the world and being left alone and being separated from the one whose womb he just spent 9 months in. This is BARBARIC.

We were travelling “missionaries”, on a spiritual journey walking away from materialism and closer to what is meaningful and valuable in life. The only thing that is real is the love between us and brothers and sisters. The only thing that keeps us separate from one another is materialism. Possessions make us possessed and turn the “we” into “I” and the “ours” into “mine”. When you rid yourself of the things that do not matter in life and do not have everlasting life, you start ridding of the ego and you start focusing on the love.

When we found out we were pregnant, we then made the decision to let go of these meaningless false idols, and hold onto the only thing real. We wanted to live each day, waking up beside each other and bonding with the beautiful miracle inside of my womb that we created together with the Creator. The stressful job I had at the time kept me from my husband a majority of the time, as I was travelling across 6 states and living out of hotels, alone.This was not how I always envisioned bringing life into the world. We had miscarriages before this pregnancy which were devastating to me since I was finally ready to be a mother and serve another life selflessly. So, in May of 2016, we began ridding ourselves of the bondage that keeps us separated from one another and our brothers and sisters out in the world, and ultimately the Creator. People always tell us, “its not the possessions that keep us from God, its the LOVE of possessions, or being consumed by the possessions.” To us, that’s like saying, “it’s not the drugs that keep someone addicted, it is the love of the drugs.” No. One must be perfectly okay with having nothing and the potential of losing everything in order to truly serve the Creator.When we started travelling, we went by car first. We got rid of things as we went until we decided once again to surrender even more to the Creator. We put our vehicle in storage, along with the rest of the possessions we had kept after donating a majority of everything else, and we walked with the bare necessities on our backs, knowing that once our baby was born, we could go back to the car, reunite with our belongings and start the next chapter of our lives.We headed towards a national forest, knowing we wanted to experience childbirth in a more serene atmosphere. We had spoken with doctors, midwives, lactation consultants beforehand as well as had blood work, ultrasounds, etc…to make sure I was healthy enough to have a natural childbirth. We wanted to consider natural childbirth as many other women in the world decide to do, so we were on our way to do so. Also, for those of you who do not live in Alabama, we were told that midwives were not “legal” in homebirths, and therefore we would either have to go to a hospital OR have an unassisted husband-coached childbirth, which again, many women opt for these days and is not illegal and is very much of the Creator to do as the body is designed.On October 8th, 2016 I went into labour at Cheaha State Park where we found sanctuary and had permission from the state park superintendent, Tammy Power to have a natural childbirth. It was a good start, and I was comfortable, had all of the necessities and was focusing on breathing and practising the hypnobirthing I had been practising for a few months. October 9th came around and I was still in labour. It started to get more intense, I was starting to lose focus and more employees including the state park superintendent started to come around more. I was distracted, and I started to fear all of the eyes on me. Also, my water was not yet breaking. At 6:29pm, Christian made the decision to call for a ride to the hospital so that I could be away from the park, out of the eyes of everyone and for pain management. At this point, because of the fear surrounding me by others, I started losing confidence and all I could focus on was the pain I was in. At that point, it was impossible to continue natural childbirth without pain management.We arrived at the hospital, Regional Medical Center on October 9, 2016, at about 7:45pm. As soon as I received the pain management I needed, everything calmed down and I spent the next 12 hours or so resting in bed, waiting for our miracle to arrive. Our miracle baby came at 6:53am on October 11, 2016. Perfectly happy, perfectly healthy and perfectly beautiful. Within 10 minutes he was latched on and feeding and we were all so happy. We spent the next 33 hours perfectly in tune with our son, feeding him whenever he turned towards the breast, changing his first diapers and just cuddling and loving him. Christian fed me, as I fed the baby and we were very much happy and beyond content. Nothing else mattered in that moment. Being in the hospital invites multiple people into the room constantly asking questions, asking for unnecessary interventions for things, such as circumcision, vaccinations, blood work, etc….After many years of research, many years of experience in different schools, and fields including the medical field AND the holistic field, we knew enough to make the informed decisions to refuse what we believed to be unnecessary for our perfectly healthy baby. We refused vaccinations. We refused the Vitamin K shot. We refused the hearing test. We refused any unnecessary needle pricks. Our child had just come into the world and was perfectly content laying on my chest. Why torture him unnecessarily? The only thing that matters in nature at that point is child bonding with mother and getting his natural immunizations from his mother’s colostrum.We were asked to sign an application for a birth certificate and a social security number which we denied. We denied because he did not yet have a name. He did not have a name because it was not important to us at that moment. Being with him, bonding with him and spending time with him before deciding on a name that he would have attached to him for the rest of his life was far more important than labelling him at that moment. He is not a product, he is a spiritual being that deserves the right process, the right name and the quality time spent with his mother and father upon being brought into the world.This is when the chaos started for us. We were asked multiple times to name our son. We were asked multiple times to put a number on him and to sign our names on a birth certificate. Our answer was very respectful, but very assertive after being asked so many times. The answer is “NO”. Just because we decided to go to the hospital does not mean we now have to throw away all of our spiritual beliefs and throw away our rights as the natural mother and father to name our child when we are led to name him after spending a good amount of time with him. Or does it?Soon after, the hospital social worker was called in. Cheri Gay, from Regional Medical Center, in Anniston, AL. She was “nice”, but we could tell she was looking at us like we had 10 heads. “you mean, you don’t want to attach a number and a name that may not fit your son immediately after birth, even though it is not mandatory, or necessary?? “weiiiiird”. Yes, she looked at us as though we were “weird”. But, she was nice. Christian then felt as though something was “off”, so a few hours after she left, he called her phone number and left a message for her, asking her if she could come back in. He was already sensing something was wrong and he wanted to stop whatever it was.This is what they had against us at this point: We were travelling. No Alabama residence. “Who, travels the country and walks from town to town when pregnant, serving the Creator and then stops to give birth in America?” Right? No one. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with the world.We refused vaccinations. This is a big NO-NO in a country where vaccinations are becoming mandatory.We refused the Vitamin K shot. Again, we were doing something different. Most parents don’t even know what is going on in the hospital when they sign all their papers. The mother is distracted by labour and the baby, and the father just rolls with it. We were asking too many questions and asking about the risks for too many things for them to think we are actually “Normal”. It is now “normal” in our society to “DO AS THEY SAY” and to not question the things that go into the little innocent bodies of our children. Sad.We refused to name him just yet. Spiritual belief. We are “extremely” weird, now.Because we refused to name him at that very moment and just wanted some time with him, a birth certificate and a social security number were out of the question for us. BAM!! WE ARE THE WEIRDEST PARENTS ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. There MUST be something seriously wrong with us, no?SO, after the hospital social worker, Cheri Gay was called back in by Christian, we asked her, “is there something wrong? we want to make sure everything is okay because we understand we are refusing the SS number and the birth certificate and everyone thinks there is something wrong with this, but we just need some time with our baby. Is that okay? There is no law stating we need to do this before leaving the hospital correct?” Her response, ” NO, there isn’t. We just have to figure out how to do a religious exemption.” And she left fine and was on her way.Apparently, us calling her back in to check on things, also made her think we were weird. About an hour later, Cleburne County Department of Human Resources from Heflin, Alabama shows up (a different county from where we were). Stacy Jackson the investigative SW and her intern partner show up. She sits with us for about 15 minutes in which time she asks us about our spiritual journey. We tell her what I wrote above. We were on a spiritual journey to rid of the possessions to be more in touch with what’s real and meaningful in life. Everything she asks us, we answer truthfully and humbly. We start realizing there is something wrong. Our baby was still happy, still healthy and still skin to skin with me on my chest. I was unable to get out of bed, as my leg was numb still from the epidural, but I was perfectly happy with our miracle on my chest.Christian then asked Stacy Jackson, “if there is a problem, what is the closest we can live to nature for our religious beliefs without being harassed by the state”. Remember, we were TRAVELING. we were planning on resting for a couple of weeks, and then moving on out of the state to go live the next chapter of our lives. This is all very weird to us at this time, because all of these people are treating us as though we are aliens. Stacy Jackson then replies, “you know, I’ve never been asked that before. I will go make a phone call to my supervisor and let you know”. Stacy then proceeds to leave the hospital room as we are left alone in the room. When 20 minutes pass and she still is not back in the room, we know something must be wrong. Sure enough, 30 minutes after she left to go find the answer on “the most simple way we can live without being bothered by them”, in other words, how can we compromise and COMPLY, instead of answering that simple question, she brings in 3 armed police officers from Anniston Police Department, a Child’s Crime Detective from the Sheriff’s Department in Anniston named Rachel Israel, the head of hospital security, Chuck Haworth and she herself and her intern come back in. The 3 police officers ask Christian to stand up and come with them. Christian often tells this story and says, he could not do anything at that time except do as they say. He knew what they were about to do, but there was nothing that could be done.

As the police officers leave the room and bring Christian along with them, I am left alone with our baby as he was FEEDING on my right breast. I am then surrounded by those left in my room. Chuck Haworth, the hospital security guard stands to the right of me, towards my shoulder. Rachel Israel stands to the left of me towards my shoulder, and Stacy Jackson and her intern stand at the feet of my bed. What I remember is Rachel Israel at first being the only one to speak to me. She said, “we are taking the baby into our custody. He is ours now, so you are going to have to hand him to me.” At that time, I SHOULD have asked “where is your warrant?” But, at that time I did not know law or how it all worked. This has been a very hard awakening process. I instantly started shaking. I felt I was going to have a panic attack. I started feeling faint, and I did not know what to do. I knew nothing was wrong with us or the baby. I knew we were just serving the Creator and then came to the hospital to deliver a perfectly healthy baby. None of this was making sense to me. As the baby was feeding on my right breast, I held him to my chest as I yelled out “No, I haven’t done anything wrong, why are you doing this?” I repeated this over and over again. “No, please don’t do this. I have done nothing wrong!”. Rachel Israel, then reached down, and grabbed our son. He was latched on. I twisted my body away from her towards my right, where Chuck Haworth was standing and he at that point grabbed my right arm and held my arm back so that I could not hold our baby with my right arm. At that point, Rachel Israel then reaches down and grabs the baby off of me, while latched on. I then yell out ” he was feeding! Why are you doing this” and she looks into my eyes and says, “he was not feeding. Now I have something against you, you are trying to hurt the baby. DO you want to be arrested?” She then hands the baby to Stacy Jackson and Stacy Jackson immediately leaves the room with our hysterically crying baby to bring him to the nursery where he is locked up for the next 24 hours without his mother and father and is left to cry a majority of the time.

Rachel Israel now having accomplished her mission of stealing our baby, starts trying to find anything and everything she can to criminalize us in some way. First, she starts interrogating me, asking me what my real name is. “What is your name?” I answer, “Danielle Holm”. She then says, “Holm or Holmes, we have reason to believe you are not who you say you are?” I then say, “who do you think I am!?” in which she responds, “what is your husband’s name? We have reason to believe you are both wanted for drug smuggling and human trafficking”. I then in a panic thinking I am about to be set up on some major false accusations point her in the direction towards a green backpack that held the baby clothes, diapers, wipes, etc….but which also had Christian’s wallet with his 3 ID’s and my passport and driver’s license. I tell her to reach in the bag (which she had to pass all of the baby items to get to) and reach down to get our ID’s. I have never been in trouble. I have never broken the law. I have never done drugs. I don’t know what this lady is talking about. All I know is that armed individuals just intimidated me in order to steal our child and I don’t know where my husband or my baby is now. Rachel Israel then proceeds to ask me again what my REAL name is. I keep telling her, “Danielle HOLM”. Ironically I USED to be Danielle HOLMES in a previous marriage years ago and when I married Christian, I just dropped the 2 letters. Christian has always been Christian Holm. She then tells me, “we have reason to believe your husband is Richard Christian Holm and you are Daniela Ruiz, when was the last time you have been to Mexico?” In which I then reply, “I’ve never been to Mexico!”. She even looks at my passport and only sees 3 other countries stamped, nowhere near Mexico. Once she starts realizing maybe it is not “US” she is looking for, she then starts interrogating me about the 4 inch buck knife that we had in the room next to the watermelon and oranges that Christian left the hospital earlier that day to go get for me because I was still craving watermelon as I had my entire pregnancy. He used his knife which we had for camping purposes to cut the watermelon for me, and he left it out next to the fruit, having no idea that knives were not allowed in the hospital room. It did not even occur to us because we were so used to having it with us in our bag, for when we needed to cut our foods when camping. She then pulls out pepper spray out of our bag and asks why we had pepper spray. At that point in time, I then go ahead and say we were camping. It is for our safety, rather than carrying another weapon. She waves them around as to make a scene and lets everything there know we have “weapons”. If only someone would come forward with a recording of all of this. An Anniston Police officer, someone…..we would have our baby back right now. We could not make this up if we tried. Turns out, supposedly, someone from the hospital ( a nurse, or maybe Cheri Gay), googles Christian’s name and Arizona, because we had given the hospital our mailing address which was and still currently is one of our mailing addresses. The links down below are what you find when you google “Christian Holm Arizona”. The interesting thing here is that the two individuals they were falsely accusing us of being were not even arrested together for the same things at the same times. These two other individuals do not appear to even know each other. They essentially took a similar name of Christian, slapped on a false accusation and then found a SLIGHTLY similar first name of someone else to slap on me.Arrest Of Drug Smuggling Attempt at BorderORDaniela Ruiz Arrested by Customs and Border ProtectionShortly after the kidnapping, they apparently decided to change their minds and believe that I WAS who I say I am, DANIELLE HOLM (formerly HOLMES), but they wanted to confirm Christian was who he said he was, so they forced him to get fingerprints. He complied. It took them 2 months to clear him and say he was okay, even though when we went to the FBI he was cleared immediately.Back to the hospital……Keep in mind the times here. Cheri Gay speaks to Stacy Jackson on the phone at 3pm. Stacy Jackson comes into our room at 4pm. She leaves the room after speaking with us for about 30 minutes. She then is already leaving the room with the baby at 4:55pm after Rachel Israel handed him to her. This leaves only about 15-20 minutes that she spent speaking with us and making a decision in a very short amount of time to kidnap our son. What we ask was the emergency??? 8 months later and we STILL do not have that answer. Instead, all we have are lies of her saying in those 15-20 minutes she witnessed “manic episodes” of us being very high and very low in mood showing our “craziness” although this particular point she could not get straight while on the stand testifying.I laid in bed peaceful and calm breastfeeding our baby, as Christian laid by my side watching TV, or feeding me, or holding our baby when I was okay with giving him up for a few seconds at a time. Christian also changed diapers.What we have here are the baby’s medical records, line by line showing from the moment he was born until he was kidnapped out of the hospital. Never an emergency. Never distress until AFTER they took him. Never a single thing wrong with him until AFTER. This is criminal. This is our SON we are talking about. Reliving this few days while writing this is something that has taken me a while because for a 32-year-old new mother at the time who planned and waited on his arrival for so long, this is the most traumatic experience one can have. For a newborn, to come into the world and not know his surroundings and to ONLY know the sound, touch, and energy of his mother and father, and then for him to be RIPPED off of the only thing he knows and then be poked with needles without his consent or the consent of his mother and father who are responsible for him, and left in a cold nursery crib to cry and to drink from a plastic syringe another woman’s breastmilk when his OWN MOTHER had done everything in her power to be as healthy as possible all 9 months of pregnancy….this is DISGUSTING. There is NO reason for this. There are no excuses. This is barbaric, sick, inhumane, and EVIL. And Yes, I DID tell Rachel Israel when she ripped our son off of me “I SEE THE DEVIL IN YOUR EYES”. Because I DID. No loving, compassionate person does this to a mother and infant at 33 hours old. or ever. Only a darkened, hardened, cold heart does this. Only someone who is completely separate from who the Creator TRULY is. This is not loving. This is completely evilMedical Records of our newborn child.1.) No emergency (laying on the chest and perfectly healthy and happy. “no distress”“appropriate bonding with mother”)2.) No injury (laying on the chest and perfectly healthy and happy. “no distress” “appropriate bonding with mother”)3.) No abuse (laying on the chest and perfectly healthy and happy. “no distress” “appropriate bonding with mother”)4.) No neglect (baby was feeding perfectly, and had all needs met)

Baby Medical Records page 1 .jpg
Notice: “Skin to Skin Initiated” “Exclusive Breastfeeding” “Normal Skin Color” “Infant to Breast” within 20 minutes of being born. Perfectly healthy, happy baby and mother.
Baby Medical Records Page 2 .jpg
Notice: Skin Color: Pink (Stacy Jackson lied on the stand saying “there was a risk of infection and we refused treatment even when he had jaundice”. This is a blatant lie. There was never anything wrong with our baby. Never. These medical records are in the court record, and the judges do not care that our baby was stolen for no reason.
Baby Medical Records Page 3 .jpg
Notice: Breastfeeding successful, latch good. Skin Color: PINK, Quiet, Alert. “feeding on demand” (neglect???) “No distress noted”. These nurses were exactly right!
Baby Medical Records Page 4 .jpg
Notice: Mother refused Vitamin K Shot. You betcha !! They gave it to him anyway!! Also: “Father refused security band on baby saying, he will not be leaving my sight!” 1.) We were in a BABY SAFE HOSPITAL….the baby is NEVER supposed to leave the parents room UNLESS IN AN EMERGENCY!! Baby was perfectly healthy. We were given the option to have all baby exams right by our side so that he would not leave us. We accepted their offer. Again…why place more unnecessary devices, and technology on our perfectly untouched newborn baby when he is trying to get used to coming into the world?? Why do we need that and why Ms. Nurse must you “notify security” that we refused an ankle tracking device on OUR baby?? Seems as though medical professionals need re-education.
Baby Medical Records Page 5 .jpg
Notice: “Skin Color: Pink”, “Remains with mother”, “Quiet, alert”, “No distress noted”, “Assessment is done in mom’s room”
Baby Medical Records Page 6 .jpg
Notice: “Skin Color: Pink”, ” No distress noted” “Nurses well” “normal, normal, normal.
Baby Medical Records Page 7 .jpg
Notice: Umbilical Cord. Not sure what the deal is with NATURAL….but this nurse making it seem as though it is a “thing” that we “refused to trim the cord”. First of all. we believe in lotus birthing. Meaning, allowing the placenta to come out naturally. Allowing the placenta to be attached to the baby until it falls off completely. This is an actual method of keeping baby completely intact as God intended and allowing nature to work itself out. Of course, this did not happen and they cut the cord. We had no choice in that. But once they cut it, why must we cut it AGAIN? It is a ONE DAY OLD INFANT…lying on his mother. Nothing is getting in the way. Everything is fine. Medical professionals really need to settle down and stop being afraid of everything. Do we cut the umbilical cords for any animals in nature? NO. Because we are not supposed to. Also, “SKIN COLOR: PINK…..AS ALWAYS….”Quiet, alert” “in mothers arms” as he should have remained…..
Baby Medical Records Page 8.jpg
Notice: This was the day they stole him…. let’s look for an “imminent emergency”. Now, a new nurse on shift: “Safe surroundings”, Skin color: Pink” , “breastfeeding” , “nursed well”, “assessment done in mom’s room”, “no distress”.
Baby Medical Records Page 10.jpg
Notice: “Pain: no positive findings.” at 16:55 “NO DISTRESS NOTED” and at the same TIME: “TO NURSERY IN THE ARMS OF STACY JACKSON”…..Have we found the imminent emergency yet, that they claimed was there to steal our baby? at the same time that Stacy Jackson and Rachel Israel stole our child, our baby was NOT IN DISTRESS. until AFTER they took him. “REGURGITATION: LARGE, OLD BLOOD”…..WHY IN THE WORLD IS OUR BABY REGURGITATION A LARGE AMOUNT OF BLOOD 20 minutes after being RIPPED AWAY FROM HIS MOTHER and the ONLY THING HE HAS KNOWN FOR 9 months!?? Also…’ security tag placed on leg”… NOW they get what they want. To put technology on our infant, to keep his mother and father away from him and to allow the kidnapping to take place. And, the last point…MOTHER PUMPING AT THIS TIME. PUMP EVERY 2 HOURS FOR 20 MINUTES, which I NEVER Faltered from. If nothing else would make me a vegan, it would be this. I now know what it feels like to be a mother, give birth, have your baby ripped from you immediately and then be milked by a machine.
Baby Medical Records Page 11.jpg
Notice: Dr. Doggett then starts changing all doctors orders, since the baby’s mother and father no longer matter. Vitamin K shot, done. Hearing test, done. Bilirubin test, done…..because of the Vitamin K shot that was done right before which CAUSES JAUNDICE. DONOR BREAST MILK ORDERED. WHY, DR. DOGGETT??? WHY? A PERFECTLY HEALTHY MOTHER. A PERFECTLY HEALTHY BABY. PUMPING MILK CONSTANTLY LIKE A COW… DONOR BREASTMILK??
Baby Medical Records Page 12.jpg
NOTICE: Skin color: PINK…..ONCE AGAIN….Where is this supposed jaundice, Stacy Jackson??? Donor breast milk. I was pumping around the clock. Every 2 hours exactly…I did not sleep all night. I would pump far more than enough…I would then call the nursery to come to pick up the milk in my room since we were held hostage in our room by guards and could not leave. This nurse came in, I gave my milk and said, “is this enough?” in which she replied, “it doesn’t matter if it is or not, because the doctor ordered for donor milk to be given.” I said, “but why? I eat healthy and have done nothing wrong. I will keep pumping” She then shook her head and walked away. I continued pumping until my nipples could handle it no more. I kept pumping and pumping and pumping and they kept giving him donor breast milk. WHY??
Baby Medical Records 13.jpg
Baby Medical Records Page 14 .jpg
Baby Medical Records Page 15 .jpg
Notice: SKIN COLOR: STILL PINK!!!! NEVER JAUNDICE!!! “ESCORTED TO MOM”S ROOM” after being separated ALL NIGHT LONG….for an hour-long visit. THAT’S IT. Treated like CRIMINALS. Treated like ANIMALS that they want to make a profit off of. This is a disgusting practice that these people are a part of. “DONOR BREASTMILK…Hearing screen performed that we REFUSED…….WHY ALL THE UNNECESSARY AGGRAVATIONS ON OUR CHILD??? DHR CLEBURNE COUNTY CASE WORKER AND FOSTER MOM HERE….to ILLEGALLY steal our child with NO WARRANT, NO PICKUP ORDER, NO EMERGENCY. NO INJURY. NO ABUSE. NO NEGLECT. THIS IS KIDNAPPING. “ESCORTED TO PRIVATE AUTO and PLACED IN CAR SEAT BY FOSTER MOM” THIS WAS THE COMPLETION OF THE KIDNAPPING. DRIVING AWAY FROM THE HOSPITAL WITH OUR BABY IN A STARNGER’s CAR LEAVING US THERE ALONE TO SUFFER. AND FINALLY, “discharged home” NO, RMC…you allowed his discharge to a stranger’s home, and he has now been officially kidnapped. Onto the next victim.
Baby Medical Records Drug Test Results .jpg
NOTICE: Baby’s drug test that we were not aware of. WHY DONOR BREAST MILK????? MY DRUG TEST WAS NOTHING DIFFERENT. I have never done a drug in my life. I eat healthy, exercise, meditate. MY milk was specifically designed for OUR BABY per GOD. You have now abused and neglected OUR baby by keeping him from his specifically made for HIM immunizations, and nutrients and nourishment and GUIDANCE of his MOTHER AND FATHER.
Danielle Drug Test.jpg
Notice: Danielle drug test at the hospital…Never done a drug in my life. I do not drink alcohol. I eat organic. I eat fruits and vegetables mostly. I focus on health. WHY AM I BEING TREATED LIKE A CRIMINAL?? WHY ARE YOU FEEDING OUR SON DONOR BREASTMILK????? THIS IS ABUSE.
alex martin impersonation .jpg
Notice: OUR infant ID card…MOTHER: DANIELLE HOLM. Danielle’s fingerprint next to baby’s footprint. ALEX MARTIN signed certifying “I CERTIFY THAT DURING THE DISCHARGE PROCEDURE I RECEIVED MY BABY, EXAMINED IT AND DETERMINED THAT IT WAS MINE. I CHECKED THE IDENT-A-BAND PARTS SEALED ON THE BABY AND ON ME AND FOUND THAT THEY WERE IDENTICALLY NUMBERED. SIGNATURE OF MOTHER: K. ALEX MARTIN. Alex, are you the mother? Are you certifying a lie? RMC, do you not have the proper paperwork for when you allow kidnappings to happen in your establishment? So, now we have to look at the identification of our baby for the rest of our like with someone else’s signature signed as the mother? IMPERSONATION. KIDNAPPING.
Artifical Pick Up Order

NO warrant = NO crime No injury = NO crime No abuse = NO crime No neglect = NO crime NO CRIME = KIDNAPPING OF OUR BABY UNJUSTLY AND UNGODLY opinions of a “social worker” or a “police officer” or whoever else of POSSIBLE “abuse” that “could” occur in the future is NOT A CRIME. You cannot write out a warrant for a possible crime that someone THINKS could potentially occur in the FUTURE. Opinions of a “social worker” of possible neglect that COULD occur in the future is NOT a crime. It is only a fabrication within the fearful mind of someone else used to cause chaos in another’s life. The opinion of someone in regards to possible potential neglect in the FUTURE does not warrant stealing a child. This social worker DENIED US DUE PROCESS BY NOT ALLOWING US TO PROVE ANYTHING BEFORE SNATCHING OUR SON.DUE PROCESS And where was the emergency!?? This is a gross injustice against the Divine Law Of Creation!



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