Family is the rhythm of Government to serve and protect all Family as the guides of species preservation and not invasion under enforced deception first, where deception is the passive mind of “Insanity”!

***Global Leadership Crisis***

Disclosure> Symbols Time and Profit are false abstract patterns that don’t exist anywhere natural that captures consciousness within writings that only give a limited abstract conscious perception of reality where the conscious Soul is enslaved within this deception controlled by the possession of the Virus Mentality, these deceptive definitive codes must be fully disclosed first if under the enforcement of government and or any guiding system of this planet to then verify the guide as Men/Woman of True Love first.

***Exposing danger with observational facts and evidence is to be a mature soul, it’s not glory chasing. Why would one not expose all dangers? Passive Insanity is caused by trespassing upon the conscious Soul by enforcing the shadow consciousness of writings with time delusion under enforced deception first, where now the shadow consciousness becomes a Virus consciousness which is the greatest threat of ALL and must not be tolerated at All, for the future of All children and All Family!***

Language is a limited abstract view of intuitive conscious thought projected outwards into a false abstract equation using the false abstract patterns of letters numbers symbols geometry math science time and profit that possesses the consciousness inside of a false image perception where this false image perception is then manifested into reality as the Artificial Construct of Time. This Artificial Construct of Time is the false patterns with false substance commerce system that causes artificially induced organized crime against humanity and Nature/Universe for profit that forms straight lines and angles of inactive life by absorbing and destroying the true patterns with true substance of Nature/Universe that forms wavy lines and circles of active life (Spiral Of Life). This then causes the degrading effects on the conscious intuitive Soul development from the false abstract patterns not being fully disclosed as capturing consciousness within a limited abstract view of the original Intuitive conscious Soul that is connected to the resonance frequency of this planet and Universe. This is due to the present-day government enforcing the indoctrination of language expressed within writings without full disclosure of how these writings train the brain into believing the definitive codes are real when they are manufactured artificial concepts capturing and reflecting one’s own trained consciousness first from birth so that the children grow a balanced intuitive conscious Soul not enslaved under the possession of the Virus consciousness. Degradation of species is the effect from lack of intuitive conscious growth from separating and or becoming severed from the circadian conscious rhythm of Nature and Universe. The artificial invention is not to absorb and or destroy all life by the present-day government enforcing the indoctrination of these false abstract patterns into everyone without giving full disclosure of how the invention becomes a viral infection when indoctrination is enforced first under malicious intent knowingly or unknowingly. The invention if it must exist by the people’s choosing after full disclosure has been given and received by the people understanding that this is a very dangerous decision and should not be done due to the false power, should be to serve and protect all life where the false abstract pattern codes are for the internal and external operations of the artificial invention and or machines and absolutely not to be used to enslave the people! Any and all use of these false abstract patterns to enslave the people by enforcing upon the people without full disclosure first is Fraud at it’s highest charge, for the invasion of consciousness breaks every divine law of Creation! This is the cause for degradation of species and or global extinction where the effects, if not rectified immediately, would be the last effect to ever happen! The creator of the Soul doesn’t send the Soul into reality to be sacrificed and or murdered, for that contradicts the entire process of being birthed into reality to live in true love. Therefore, we must have mercy and forgiveness for each other as Family without denial of enforcing false abstract patterns used for symbols time profit without full disclosure first within an Artificial Construct of Time causing artificially induced organized crime against humanity and nature for profit which is what then leads into the cause of global extinction under the deception of a Virus Mentality possession that has trained the species to be a hostile species to the very planet we were meant to shepherd as the guides of intuitive Souls! True Love for each other as one family will be required now more than ever to heal a mistake that is no one’s fault except for anyone who ignores to rectify this mistake. A mistake only becomes a mistake when the immature Soul ignores the mistakes that are being exposed where these mistakes then put the people into dangers that can and should be avoided!

The name given for my present body is Christian Clarke Holm (Title is given for the artificial construct representing the illuminated conscious Soul in this present life born 9-9-81 Savannah Georgia, United States Of America, Planet Earth etc. Many titles of mass confusion by the present-day fraudulent government being enforced under deception first as a Hostile government without full disclosure of this deception first in denial of malicious intentions knowingly or unknowingly).

All evidence of our family being invaded and creation baby boy stolen from Anniston Hospital in Alabama by state officials under enforced deception possession has been given to the military and other officials!

Symbols/Time delusion equals shadow conscious possession into black hole conscious devolution without disclosure first!

To claim author of consciousness is the false ego translating under possession of false consciousness, for true love consciousness needs no author! Therefore, when you witness this “~Christian Holm” it’s for the Artificial Construct to know I’m translating consciousness where all consciousness must then be verified by one’s own conscious growth of the intuitive Soul!

True Love consciousness has rhythm, enforced deception first, destroys rhythm!

Delusion of Time forms organized possession used to perpetuate all wars!

I illuminate truth VS lies to expose enforced deception that destroys true love!

Ever since Time existed, fraud existed, for Time is fraud for inventions to serve and protect the creature with conscious Souls as of Truth!

Divided consciousness away from the rhythm of Creation equals murder/war!

Enslaving life within the fraud of Time destroys conscious evolution, organized invention becomes cage!

Present government is enforcing fraud first with malicious intent putting enforcers in a bad position under witchcraft oath in fear to be men/woman of True Love!

Not all humans are fact resistant, entire government has become Trojan Horse under oath deception!

Present government using password games to steal children for profit, that’s evil!

The false ego perception is artificial construct of time, delusion versus organic reality, REAL!

Who leads the enforcers of false pattern symbols/time delusion that destroys true love? Root problem!

The false ego equals game of Time that forms commerce possession when not disclosed first from birth!

Wavy lines and circles (Nature) is real but the straight lines and angles (commerce) is fraud!

Life is not a game to trap the children for profit under enforced deception first!

The fact resistant humans watched the murder of Jesus Christ under enforced possession!

Truth erases all oaths of deception first, for Truth exposes all deception first!

The invention was to free the people, not to enslave the people under enforced possession deception! False leadership and or immature Soul!

Witchcraft voodoo sorcery only works if one is under organized possession deception, believing that symbols are real!

False ego effect is where the conscious Soul is trained to lie to itself under language time possession of false consciousness.

Writing is not the problem, it’s enforcing the teaching of writings without explaining shadow conscious and time delusion that destroys children’s conscious rhythm and is the Root Problem!

What good is any religion if it doesn’t stop species extinction? This is not about becoming a king but instead is about exposing the hierarchy causing species extinction!

Going past the Root Problem is what started the fall from Creation under possession in denial of the passive mind!

Think about it… Falling away from the rhythm of creation? Passive mind of denial is the organized mind under enforced possession deception enslaved within the paradox of Time Delusion.

We are Nature? Why are we the only species no longer in rhythm with Nature?

There is a remedy but the passive mind cannot feel it, for the conscious Soul is enslaved under organized possession, denying all solutions.

The passive mind has been wrong since the fall from the rhythm of Creation. Why wait to be good? Time doesn’t exist!

Coexist doesn’t mean, invasion under enforced deception, first!

Enforcing artificially induced organized possession for profit under time delusion equals Narcissistic Reverse Psychology!

Forgiveness comes with rectify and balance, not pride!

Emergency! Families being destroyed by enforced deception possession. Waiting? Time delusion is for soulless machines!

CPS Agency uses the One-sided government as a weapon against intuitive awakening families, divide and conquer tactics.

Dark to light under enforced possession deception becomes light to dark, catastrophic! Soul Scalping!

True Love has Circadian Conscious Rhythm that matches the Rhythm of this Universe!

The Artificial Construct of Time destroys all Rhythm. Time is for the soulless machine!

Artificial backwards foundation of straight lines and angles of inactive life that destroys the organic forwards ground of wavy lines and circles of active life is not coexisting!

Enforcing possession deception first, without full disclosure first, destroys the children’s future!

We must remember the miracle of the Organic Family of this planet, for the children’s existence depends upon True Love!

Full disclosure of writings as shadow conscious + Time Illusion for machines = Children physical mental spiritual willpower!

One-sided Government under enforced possession deception first = Addiction and Dependency

One-Sided government equals enforced deception first, attacking truth families. Lies invade truth using government as a weapon against truth families. Stealing inheritance and children to break intuitive bond of Soul connection. Role playing religious fantasy to perpetuate brainwashing tactics and ritual attacks upon truth families. Government was meant for species preservation, not meant for invasion of truth families! The Virus consciousness uses divide and conquer tactics where the enforcer is knowingly or unknowingly under demonic possession by way of fear of enforced oath deception. True Love breaks all enforced oath deceptions under the fear of the Virus consciousness! Why are you waiting to be of Truth when Time is a delusion. We have already been attacked and invaded, the passive mind enslaved within Time delusion is the greatest deception of the Virus consciousness! Many go to war where the Virus consciousness deceives many against brother and sister with the language and Time delusion. Now, will you stand with True Love as the enforced deception of the Virus consciousness is exposed to save the children’s existence? We need you! We believe in you! Know in your self! Remember the miracle trying to remember the miracle of the Intuitive Organic Family growing as One Family Strong where Government is for species preservation!

To understand that the intuitive Soul balanced with ego is the essence of True Love and the false ego is when the ego has become severed from the connection with the intuitive Soul where this then becomes the false energy that causes spiritual fear is to understand that fear is only a shadow of the intuitive Soul when the organic creature is not fully aware of the intuitive Soul where the false ego is consciousness that is enslaved within a limited abstract view as false consciousness that doesn’t allow the light of the intuitive Soul to connect with the ego which then destroys the circadian conscious rhythm of all life from having denial of this destruction without forgiveness of the addictions and convictions formed by the false energy of fear within the Artificial Construct of Time where Time is a delusion of calculating consciousness. One must surrender to the intuitive Soul and have mercy on the ego to then become the intuitive Soul over the ego and shine out the shadow of fear as True Love. Now if the guiding system of the planet operates by way of enforced deception first by communicating with writings that capture consciousness with deception and controlled under the possession of the Virus Mentality which causes the false energy of fear in the present day then this would be evidence of a Hostile Species destroying itself under the guidance of false leadership. The false leadership is the Root of the problem by way of being in denial of the bad intentions to continue the Virus Mentality to obtain false power over the entire world at the expense of all life without forgiveness and or empathy. We Absolutely must have leadership that has defeated the false ego and is no longer controlled under the possession of the Virus Mentality with forgiveness and without denial! Enforcing the teaching of deception first upon children without full disclosure of using anything that captures consciousness is to operate as a Hostile Species under the possession of the Virus Mentality Endangering ALL LIFE selfishly in denial and without forgiveness where this is bad intentions to destroy the sacred balance of the intuitive male and female energy. This is due to the false ego response possessed under the Virus consciousness that is formed from having bad intentions as a fraudulent shadow government that enforces deception first without giving full disclosure first. Full disclosure first would build the children in physical mental and spiritual willpower! This is not judgement, for we all needed to be shown and taught from birth how language recorded within writings captures consciousness under deception first from birth so that we could develop a balanced intuitive conscious Soul being able to differentiate between the artificial and organic concepts of reality. Why is this so difficult for the present-day fraudulent government to understand this is the cause of the fraud and the global crisis of species extinction?


Therefore, it’s the false abstract patterns used to express language within writings along with time that doesn’t exist anywhere natural within the Universe that becomes the Virus consciousness when indoctrinated into the children without giving full disclosure first. Forgiveness is of virtue, for to awaken by defeating the Virus Mentality is to also defeat the invasion of this Virus consciousness that enslaves the intuitive conscious Soul under its possession. You must not be in fear to be of the Truth/Love, for the Virus Mentality uses fear to attack the balance of the male and female conscious rhythm with belief systems that are severed from the Root of Creation. True love has a rhythm that equals sustainable freedom and global security and peace for everyone as one family strong!

The shadows form an optical illusion behind objects that are in direct sunlight where the shadows are absent of sunlight which forms a false image of the object as the shadow. Therefore, if this illusion of shadows is used to enforce unnatural writings that consist of false abstract patterns without substance just as the false image shadows, to form the letters numbers symbols time under enforced deception first, this would then become malicious intent as “Insanity” to destroy the circadian conscious rhythm of Creation (Sunlight and Planet, Universal Consciousness) to obtain false power by passively omitting full disclosure of how writings are a shadow of consciousness where the words consist of deceptive definitive codes, to then be able to verify as of Truth (Organic Reality versus Artificial Construct) and not the passive mind of “Insanity”!
When writings are indoctrinated into the children from birth without full disclosure of being a shadow consciousness captured with letters numbers symbols which are false abstract patterns without substance used to express thoughts into equations of vocabulary for communications, the enforced deception first enslaves the conscious perception inside of a limited abstract view of the conscious organic reality severed from the Circadian Conscious Rhythm of this Universe. This is called organized possession under the deception of the language time deception where the conscious mind was taught to believe that a manufactured illusion of using false abstract patterns for communications are a natural process when this manufactured process is an unnatural process that destroys conscious rhythm under enforced deception. Humans in the present day have all the primitive defense mechanisms due to the enforcement of deception first which destroys the children’s physical mental and spiritual development. This is the cause of global species extinction and must not be tolerated by any leadership where the values of family and a sustainable future for all children overrides all selfish desires for the false idols that destroy the future of One World Family Strong!
Depression Divided From Rythym Nature
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We are victims of narcissistic abuse, and the corrupt “powers” of the Child Protective Services system as well as the judicial system as a whole. We are a clear example of one of the many families being abused by tactics of agencies put into place to commit fraud on the people. Constitutional violations, state law violations, federal law violations against our family by CPS, multiple state judges, multiple police officers, sheriffs department, attorney general’s office, court clerks, mayors, State Park employees and residents in and around Heflin, Alabama.


This page is dedicated to documenting our experiences in this nightmare and exposing WITH clear evidence gathered over 8 months (since the day our baby was kidnapped on October 11, 2016, 33 hours after he was born at Regional Medical Center in Anniston, Alabama), the tactics used to separate our family.This is not a joke. This is not made up. This is not fantasyland. This is CHILD TRAFFICKING committed by public officials for purposes of financial gain, social engineering and even worse.This is a page of documentation of every official we have been to, and of audios, documents and videos to show the facts of the laws that have been broken against us and the abuse our family has endured. For every official who told us when they kidnapped our baby “We are just doing our job”, there is an official who we have gone to for help who tells us, “there is nothing I can do”, as they don’t do their jobs. The system of government that is in place today is surely backwards. Stealing kids for cash, while plundering the less fortunate and no longer helping the people.This is a family’s plea for help. A family’s plea for relief. A family’s plea to help save their innocent baby from being lost in the system of child trafficking.

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Christian/Danielle Holm